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Spanish Just 4 You Testimonials

We encourage our client’s input so we can keep doing what makes you successful and refine and expand in the areas you note, otherwise it wouldn’t be “a sus ordenes” (at your orders), thus, we’re proud to publish the compilation below of the comments we’ve received on the evaluations from our students over the years (2005-2009). And, rest assured we listened to anyone’s suggestions to make it more specifically “Spanish-Just-4-You.”

  • Instructor was very informative and interesting
  • It was absolutely wonderful. Muchos gracias – I learned so much
  • Great teacher – I feel comfortable practicing Spanish with my patients
  • I loved everything about this class
  • Great speaker – Luz Elena very enthusiastic – great course
  • Excellent course – right amount of information
  • The handouts are most helpful
  • Ms. Kates was enthusiastic, kept my interest and has an ability to speak on many levels. Most enjoyable.
  • A very good study – very helpful
  • She was wonderful! We learned a lot. She was an excellent professor (Bueno, bueno, bueno)
  • Great teacher – very patient
  • Class was fun.
  • She adds a lot of excitement to the class
  • Excellent presentation

The following rating is the average from courses done as “Spanish-Just-4-Dentistry” for the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers Program done in Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro and Fayetteville, NC over a 5 year span. Rankings were based on every area of class, as in practicality of use, presentation, value, comprehension, etc. with a scaling for each entry of 1-4 (1=Poor, 4=Excellent)

Class Grand Means from variety of sessions/locations and years = 3.79