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Spanish-Just-4-You is now in Austin, TX!

Group Courses

Group Course of “SPANISH-JUST-4-YOU” is generally a 12 week/2 hour a week Industry Specific Spanish Instruction designed solely for each business’ language use. You will be taught only what you need to know to get the job done in this intense, fun, fast paced while memory retention based course designed expressly for you. It’s Spanish-Just-4-You, thus done at your place of business or wherever best suited for you and conducted at the time of day and dates you require.  Pricing varies – Scope letter provided. Shorter, intensive seminars available (7 hour minimum class; to include lunch/mileage.) Priced per person -or- per hour if group has over 9 participants.

Cultural / Marketing Spanish

This is information, technics and usage of the written word in ways that translate not just linguistically but culturally, idiomatically. Don’t assume based on your culture and successful tactics in your language that the humor, excitement or point will translate into another.  You want to know how to communicate in effective manners to those of varying hispanic origins to get the optimum clarity and response from your target audience, for you may be doing just the opposite, alienating them, whether that be a patient or a purchaser of your product or service.  Convey Spanish that is right for you!  We educate ~ You advance! This service is a part of any class, but is also available in specifically designed lectures and/or handouts geared for your market.

Document Translation

Written foreign language translation of documents (Spanish to English/English to Spanish) includes editing and all documents are reviewed by a separate professional for content and connotation. Cost at a minimum of 1 page. Per word and/or hourly flat rate varies depending on format/specialization/technicality of request.

Verbal Interpretation

Verbal foreign language interpretation (Spanish to English/English to Spanish). Minimum 2 hour fee plus standard mileage fee for travel. For out-of-town travel, all cost connected to be reimbursed. Note: Emergency rates for initial 8 hours at double, these are special service requests without 24 hour notice.

Individual Instruction

Spanish/English/Spanish language individualized instruction (willing to teach max. of 2 during session) some materials to be purchased by client; a minimum of 2 hours a week. A required, payable monthly, contract.

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring for any age towards improved class assignments or conversational usage of the language for schooling or secular purposes. Minimum of 2 hours weekly with a month-to-month required contract.

Document Production

Promotional / Marketing Materials / Contracts / Resumes / General Correspondence Form Letters / Press Releases / Speeches. Formatting / Editing / Critiques with rewrites. Minimum charge for 2 hours and/or 1 page of a document. Any documents can be solely in English or Spanish or bi-lingual.