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Connecting with customers in Spanish is no longer a courtesy, it is a necessity! There are 44.3 million Hispanics living in the U.S.; 31 million of those speak Spanish as their only or first language.  Spanish speakers constitute a ratio of more than 1-in-10 U.S. household residents.  Thirty and a half million American residents are speaking Spanish in the home; this number accounts for 75% of the Hispanic population and 11% of the entire U.S. population. Nearly 50% of US Hispanics identifies having limited English skills.  These percentages will reasonably increase; according to projections, by 2050 Hispanics will constitute 24% of the nation’s total population; 1 out of every 3 people will be Hispanic.

“Texas Becomes Majority Minority State” having a population of 49% Hispanic Americans. Texas is home to 7.8 million Latinos.”


There are 1.6 million Hispanic owned firms registered in the U.S. bringing in a combined total of $222 billion for the year.  In addition, these firms were responsible for employing 1.5 million people.  Hispanics spend more on food, cleaning and laundry supplies and certain apparel than their White counterparts. On the whole, Hispanics prefer bilingual signage and appreciate culture based marketing.   Hispanic buying power is expected to rise to over $1 trillion by 2012, representing 9.2% of the entire U.S. buying power. With regards to healthcare, a new survey  finds that foreign-born and less-assimilated Latinos–those who mainly speak Spanish–are less likely than other Latinos to report having a usual, non-emergency, place to go for medical treatment or advice.  Out of Latinos with some English skills who believed they received poor medical care, 29% choose their race or ethnicity, along with 23% their accent as the reason.  The article’s conclusion, “clearly healthcare that is culturally informed and armed with some general bi-lingual skills will result in enlightened, more accurate and welcomed with comfort, care for and to this demographic.”

Data provided by US. Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics Vital

You know the WHY, so what do WE do about it?

Spanish-Just-4-You‘s language services are imperative for forward thinkers that want their companies and institutions to not lag behind in this thriving social, local and global community evolvement. We‘re teaching advancements that will make you serve ALL your potential, established clients and/or patients to the fullest.

Spanish-Just-4-You provides you with the Spanish you need for precisely what you do. We meet and you walk us through what you want to communicate to your current and prospective clients/patients or whomever you deem necessary to understand you and be understood.  We do the research and take the time to specialize the Spanish you need into the information you’ve provided, so that what you end up with is an entire creation of Spanish-Just-4-You.  It becomes the basis for the group class’ fun, interactive, memory driven lesson plan, administered to a maximum of 20 students, thus one-on-one attention is maintained  We also conduct targeted cultural or marketing seminars, individual or tutored classes… every program designed just for you in the format and climate you desire. Whichever service is chosen, it is done at your convenience, in your offices, at the time and dates appropriate and convenient for your business. Along with these options, we offer interpreting services and translating for documents.

Yes, we are proudly an uncommon service, encompassing much and yet without generalities, because it’s all tailored as Spanish-Just-4-You!  We help you promote the goals particular to your business and/or your individual future. Spanish-Just-4-You executes whatever is best for you with proven experience, expertise, accuracy, patience, and when pertinent, speed of delivery.