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Spanish-Just-4-You is now in Austin, TX!

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and promote partnerships with our clients by fully integrating them into our process. Our promise is to remain true to every treasured client by promoting their endeavors and goals to successful communication within the Hispanic population. Our dedication to your success will not wane over time; we are your ongoing resource as your continued success is paramount to ours. Our dream is to plant and nurture a desire to gain enriched knowledge of this global community, thereby, strengthening bonds between peoples, not just businesses.  Our mission is an earnest one, thus decidedly economical, making our superb service accessible to all.

About the Owner

Luz Elena Kates grew up and was educated in Chicago, Illinois with an emphasis on English and marketing. Her family history reaches to South America where she lived for years during her youth, thus a native speaker of the Spanish language with a spectrum and flavor for its usage. Ms. Kates did a bit of travel in Europe and the States resulting in her epiphany that language divides through it’s barrier to understanding one another, thus encouraging prejudices and barring the beauty and benefits of merging together, lucrative ones and those affording personal growth.

In 1995 she and her family moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where she opened the company Lenn’s Locutions; locutions meaning the creative expression of words and ideas. In the English language she developed her forte in document creation and/or editing and formatting (speeches, press releases, form letters, resumes, books, presentations for visual and marketing conducive language).

In 2000 Ms. Kates decided to go further, moving on to focus on her language communication dream. Enlisting the help of her sister, a veteran professor of language, she developed a feature “Spanish-Just-4-You”. This new language feature to took over the emphasis of the company and brought her themed classes to companies. The classes are designed for a short-term, intense yet fun, interactive program, specifically to teach what a company needs to quickly accomplish their goals of say selling a car or communicating with patients for better healthcare. Each class took on the name to feel it for themselves, i.e., “Spanish-Just-4-Capitol Ford” (an actual company class presented). This unique service goes further with it being brought to the client’s location, at a time convenient for them. The program was mainly marketed in person, area by area to similar businesses at a time and was greeted with welcome surprise, as an idea that would be an asset to their business.

Ms. Kates over the years successfully executed the specialized instruction to various types of business in the Raleigh area and eventually was invited to be a member of the education staff for the prominent Wake County Medical Center; classes and programs for the continuing education of doctors and their staff and/or others in the healthcare profession. Her specific class of “Spanish-Just-4-Dentistry” was done for years not only in Raleigh, but through recommendation was administered to the mirroring continuing education programs in the coastal region and other cities within North Carolina.

The company also provides interpreting and translating, with marketing services for cultural insight and accuracy of terms, along with instruction on cultural differences for help in understanding and getting cooperation from one’s customer or patient.

Luz Elena Kates and Lenn’s Locutions have now relocated to Austin, Texas and she has gone web national in order to provide her superior services to the spectrum of those in need of a company with her distinctive skills joyfully provided “a sus ordenes” = “at your service” but that we administer in it’s literal form “at your orders.”